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Tannehill, Henry Look To Cash In While Leading Red-Hot Titans Offense Towards Playoffs

For nearly fifteen years, the Tennessee Titans’ offense has been suffering from an identity crisis. Not since the formidable quarterback/running-back duo of Steve McNair and Eddie George has this team possessed consistent play from both positions at the same time. As a result, the team has made only three playoff appearances (2007, 2008, 2017) in

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Minshew Mania Takes Off: Cult Hero and Jags Beat Titans 20-7

In just three weeks, Jacksonville Jaguars fill-in quarterback Garner Minshew II has transcended into a cult icon with his “Uncle Rico” like looks (Napoleon Dynamite) and steady play on the field. Although it is uncertain whether or not the rookie QB an actually toss a pigskin “quarter-mile”, it is becoming obvious that he intends to

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