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A Millennial Pays His Respects To Kobe Bryant

Growing up as a millennial basketball fan it was easy to be reminded of his greatness on a daily basis. Often times, it was near impossible to walk through the lunchroom at school without hearing someone shout his name. Turning your head in the direction of the individual shouting this name, you’d often find either

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Mamba Mentality: Kobe Was The Last Of An Extinct Breed, Not Found In Modern NBA

“He was a guy who was competitive, a shark who was seeking blood in the water. His arrogance coming into the game was almost rude. I remember watching him in his first All-Star Game, and I thought he was disrespectful in how he approached the game. But he was always challenging, always trying to go

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Jordan on Curry: “Not A Hall Of Famer Yet”

Michael Jordan is possibly the most-transcending figure the game of basketball has ever seen. After winning six NBA championships in his career, garnering a multitude of individual accolades and records, and building a billion dollar business with Jordan brand shoes and apparel, his royal “airness” carries more weight in basketball circles than anyone throughout the

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