[Video] Antonio Brown Escapes Dangerous Gym Accident

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Antonio Brown’s face was nearly crushed on Thursday when a steel multi-purpose weight bench malfunctioned after the former NFL receiver pressed 315 pounds during a workout at his 84/7 training facility in Florida.

In a video posted to his Twitter account, Brown can be seen utilizing his agility and reflexes in order to dodge two swinging metal beams that came flying down towards his face. Luckily, the controversial athlete was uninjured during the incident.

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Brown has been the subject of controversy dating back to last summer, because of a series of run-ins with police on social media, an arrest, and allegations of sexual misconduct on behalf of two separate women. 

After being arrested outside his home in Hollywood, Florida following a moving truck dispute last month, the problematic Brown has been conducting a series of television and radio interviews to repair his public image.

Since his release from the New England Patriots following Week 2 of the NFL season, the disgraced Brown has not played football in a professional capacity. 

His intention is to meet with NFL executives and front office members from various organizations during the NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis, at Lucas Oil Field later this month to begin lobbying for another employment opportunity.

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