Report: NFL Tackle Arrested in Federal Drug Bust

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NFL Free Agent offensive tackle Greg Robinson was arrested in Sierra Blanca, Texas on Tuesday during a federal drug bust when authorities allegedly discovered an estimated 157-pounds of marijuana in the trunk of a rental car he was traveling in.

Along with former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Quan Bray and one other individual, the tackle was arrested at a checkpoint near the US/Mexico border after passing a Border Patrol agent, whose drug-sniffing dog detected the scent of narcotics as the vehicle passed by.

Robinson, a former Auburn standout and first-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, along with friend Jaquan Tyreke Bay, was arrested with possession of marijuana with intent to sell. According to a Justice Department official, both are facing federal felony charges. If convicted, both individuals could be looking at up to 20 years in prison.

In the vehicle, the investigating government agent discovered several large duffel bags. Vacuum-sealed bags containing weed were discovered inside, along with glass jars, packaging equipment, and $3100 in cash.

Robinson was drafted 2nd overall by the St. Louis Rams coming out of college. After spending the past two seasons with the Cleveland Browns, team officials made the decision not to re-sign the tackle. He was notified prior to the incident that led to his arrest.

Both Robinson and Bay were booked in El Paso County Jail by the Drug Enforcement Agency. As of now, they are waiting to go before a magistrate and are without a set bond.

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