Antonio Brown Saga: Ex-WR Subject of Criminal Investigation, Trainer Charged In FLA Incident

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Since being jettisoned from the National Football League in September, Antonio Brown’s life has been unraveling right before our very eyes. With each passing week, it seems that drama on his behalf continues to ensue with no apparent end in sight.

The latest incident involves Brown and his trainer, Glen Holt. The two allegedly “battered” the driver of a moving truck in front of the disgraced receiver’s residence on Tuesday in Hollywood, Florida.

Think about that for just one second. Antonio Brown and his trainer allegedly beat up the driver from a moving company hired to bring personal belongings to the receiver’s home…

The question is why?

Why has Antonio Brown again chosen to partake in activities that are detrimental to his progress in life and the ultimate goal of returning to the NFL playing field?

Brown’s mental health and decision-making certainly come into question with this latest matter. Why are these things continuing to happen? Because in the last six months or so, the former All-Pro has developed a knack for creating chaos in his own life.

Now, it’s being alleged that not only is he a danger to himself, but others as well. As of now, he’s wanted as a suspect for questioning. The way the report reads, it’s not looking so good for Brown.

I have a feeling that if he doesn’t meet with the police by Wednesday morning, that a warrant will either be issued for his arrest. It’s strictly speculation on my part, but what I’ve personally gathered from the report on the matter is that things are looking pretty bleak.

If this is true, Antonio Brown is a disgusting individual. Yes, a disgusting and ignorant sociopath. As if he didn’t have enough legal trouble?

Have you ever seen an individual destroy his own career, and potentially his life in a fashion the way AB has? The fire was stoked a long time ago, and at first, it was smoldering. Then, it slowly started burning…every week it grows a little larger. Now, this moron goes and blows this whole thing called “his life” up by dousing it in gasoline! 

This individual is having one hell of a season, and has graduated to the level of full out inferno! Somebody call the Hollywood Fire Department to come put these flames out because this is insanity!

Video Credit: WPLG Local 10

Digressing back to the alleged incident, let’s talk specifics.

Holt was booked later that evening and charged with one count of felony burglary and battery by the Hollywood Police Department. 

Brown, who at this moment has not been arrested or charged, is a suspect in the alleged incident and is wanted for questioning by the authorities. At this point in time, a police spokesperson said the department has failed to make contact with the former NFL star, and that detectives are working diligently to contact Antonio to discuss his role in the alleged matter. The current investigation is ongoing.

Hollywood Police is expected to make a statement regarding Brown’s status and involvement in the incident by noon ET on Wednesday.

The latest incident is just one of many the past few months that are damaging the receiver’s reputation and public image. 

Who is holding this guy accountable? Does he not have one individual in his corner with common sense? I just got done watching the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix and I do not want to be watching the Antonio Brown version in a few years. 

This guy needs some serious help, and I’m not the only one who feels that way. His agent does too. Someone get AB real help before it’s too late. We are all witnesses to an impending tragedy.

We are all watching that tragedy in real time…

Last week, Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus terminated his professional relationship with the controversial athlete after a video surfaced on Instagram showing the receiver shouting expletives at the mother of his children and police officers outside of the same home, which is located in a gated community in Florida.  

Neighbors are reportedly tired of Brown’s antics and run-ins with the law over the past month. In that specific incident, the video was streamed live by Brown during the outburst and is littered with explicit language, racist remarks and a lack of respect for law enforcement. 

Both of the incidents come on the heels of sexual assault and misconduct allegations by two separate women. The first woman is Brown’s former trainer Britney Taylor, who in a lawsuit states she was assaulted on multiple occasions. The second woman claiming misconduct on his behalf was an artist hired to work at his home in 2017. The NFL is currently conducting an investigation into each matter.

Those alleged incidents and Brown’s failure to adhere to specific instructions by the New England Patriots organization led to his dismissal from the team after playing just one game during a Week 2 win against the Miami Dolphins. Since then, he has failed to garner another contract from an NFL franchise because of concerns regarding his behavior and potential disciplinary action if it’s deemed that the receiver violated the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy for Players. 

Only the New Orleans Saints have brought Brown in for a workout, which he later deemed a publicity stunt via social media. 

Video Credit: WPLG Local 10

So let’s break this all down…

If allegations are true, we currently have a criminal walking freely among us. If true, Antonio Brown is not only is a sex offender but a violent criminal who is a danger to himself and others.

He has no agent and no job. At this rate, neither of those two will be changing any time soon. A spade is a spade in the eyes of your peers, and if he finds himself in court facing a jury for any of these matters he certainly is not doing himself any favors. It’s a matter of reckless abandon.

I believe this man needs serious medical help or serious rehabilitation. Because sadly, at this rate Antonio Brown’s bound to end up in a padded room or behind prison bars. That is being said in complete seriousness.

That ladies and gentleman is no joking matter. Please pray for Antonio Brown, because this young man is in dire need of serious help, and at this moment has compiled a mountain of trouble on his behalf.

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