Cowboys Need To Rope Meyer: He Can Be The Deal In Big “D”

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As of late, his name has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Following last season, the legendary Ohio State coach retired amid health concerns. Yet, he has managed to stay relevant in the game of football by working as an analyst for FOX Sports this season. For the past month-or-so, his name has been the subject of numerous, potential coaching hires in both the college and professional ranks. With that being said, it’s a safe bet to say that Urban Meyer’s “hype” has never been greater and that his job prospects have never been better.

First, there were whispers that USC would be his chosen destination next season. As rumors surfaced that his arrival was imminent, it seemed that his future with the Trojans was a done deal. Then, he squashed rumors that he was a potential candidate for the Michigan job, in the event beleaguered Jim Harbaugh was ousted this season.

Now, rumors are swirling that Meyer is in the conversation to become the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys next season, in the event owner Jerry Jones parts ways with franchise mainstay Jason Garrett. 

Make no mistake about it, the determined Meyer is a born leader and a football “junkie”. As fans, we have seen him retire once before in a similar situation at the University of Florida. Only to return to the sidelines once again, while continuing to grow the legendary reputation he has fostered over the last two decades.

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It’s impossible for Urban to see himself doing something other than coaching, As much as he wants to believe his coaching days are behind him, it’s understandable to draw the conclusion that his play-calling days are behind him. However, it’s not one that a “gambler” should bet on.

Earlier this week, Meyer appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and decided to throw his hat in the ring after being asked about the potential-hire of Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley for the Cowboys’ job. 

“Pure speculation because I know him, but I don’t know him like that, but that’s the one [job],” Meyer said according to FOX News. “That’s New York Yankees, that’s the Dallas Cowboys. That’s the one. Great city. They got Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott. You got a loaded team. And I can’t speak for him obviously, I hate to even speculate because I don’t know him, that’s really not fair, but to me, that’s the one job in professional football that you say, ‘I got to go do that.”

When asked by Cowherd if he would be interested in the event Dallas came calling, Meyer didn’t hesitate to say, “Absolutely. Absolutely. That one? Yes.”

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So the question is simple…

How likely is it that Urban Meyer coaches “America’s Team”, AND would he find success in the professional ranks of the NFL?

It’s intriguing to think of the possibilities, and YES there may be some substance to the rumors. After all, why wouldn’t Jones wants to make a splash and reunite Elliot, the league’s top running back, with his college coach? The pair did win a national championship together in 2015 during the inaugural College Football Playoff. Meyer’s spread offense, which is dominated by quarterback designed runs and run/pass/option play-calls would play well to the attributes of their presumed franchise signal-caller (Dak Prescott) over the next decade.

That’s what is obvious and attractive to the eye above the surface. Still, it’s important to descend below the surface. That is very you will find a passionate and determined Meyer who is a “leader of men”. He is a legendary motivator, capable of igniting a fire from deep within the soul of this mediocre Cowboys franchise that has been struggling to return to Super Bowl form since the nineties. They need to get over the hump. It’s become obvious that despite organizational support, Garrett is losing the favor of the locker room more and more each week.

The Dallas roster is loaded and it would benefit from hiring a confident icon possessing a lifetime record of 187-32 as an NCAA head coach. That .853 lifetime-winning percentage is one that would certainly be respected throughout the organization, also because Urban seems to win at every stop he makes.

It’s time Jerry shares the spotlight and bucks the trend of chasing what’s trendy and instead focuses on hiring what is certain to be a transcending hire in Dallas, the National Football League, and throughout the entire sport of football.

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