Fan Letters: Buddy Hield Who The “F” Are You?

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Dear Buddy Hield,

At this point it’s glaringly obvious that you live in denial. The idea that you are capable of pulling of a power-move regarding your contract negotiations with the Sacramento Kings is the only thing “insulting”.

Take a second here to listen up, chump. Pump the breaks before you crash, because the team that traded for you and stood by your sorry a** after a bad rookie season just offered you $90 million following your first good season as a professional.

Instead of being a pro, by improving your craft and focusing on playing ball this upcoming season, you think it’s a good idea to give the Kings a deadline of Monday morning? The threat of “finding another home” doesn’t carry much weight. Simply because up until last season, you’ve been a bum…

Video Credit: ABC News 10 Sacramento

Besides making the All-Rookie Team (Please give me a second to sit-down, grab a glass of water and catch my breath) you haven’t accomplished jack-s**t in the NBA! How many All-Star appearances do you have? Better yet, do you have any plaques in your crib for All-NBA teams? Are you an international-star driving revenue to the Golden 1 Center, a little pond you call home? You’re team’s home-court fan attendance ranks in the lower-third of the league.

Your not good enough to play on Team USA. Instead, you compete internationally for the Bahamas…

I have to disagree with your statement of, “There are 30 teams out there. If they don’t want to give me what I think I deserve, some team will give it to me,” and, “My job is to kill every night so I can be that max player…name one big free agent that came to Sacramento”.

Do you really think at this point in time you deserve $110 million and are capable of carrying an inept franchise on your back? You’ve never sniffed the playoffs and need to get that chip off your shoulder. Yes, you can shoot the lights out. I’ll give you that. So what if Kobe said you CAN be a star. Stop acting like you’re an agent because honestly, when push-comes-to-shove the Kings will probably let you walk.


The small-market fan who was planning to buy your jersey this season, BUT will instead spend my MAX-DOLLARS on a purple Bogdan Bogdanovic one, extra-medium chief

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