Gronk’s FOX Debut On NFL Thursday Is Hilarious and Full Of Energy

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After retiring from the National Football League last winter, Former New England Patriots tight-end Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski is strapping it up once again. Last night during FOX’s NFL Thursday, the former Pats’ legend made his on-air debut as a member of the FOX Sports broadcast team. Alongside his childhood favorites Tony Gonzalez, Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan, Rob provided viewers with plenty of energy and reasons to laugh.

As expected, the debut was comical to say the least. Gronk kicked things off with a hilarious skit taking place from a condo on the beach, where he sat down with a member of the FOX Sports team and the two took a brief moment to go over some of the details regarding his new job.

“I think it’s gonna be lit,” said Gronkowski while discussing his addition to the broadcast team. “Love FOX. Love the guys. It’s gonna be something special”.

Video Credit: FOX Sports

FOX made it clear that as an analyst, Gronk may have to be impartial. When asked if he could be critical of the New England, the former Super Bowl champion said, “Easy cheesy, I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole career.” 

The take continued and when asked to say something bad about Patriots legendary quarterback Tom Brady, the former Pats’ pass catcher actually provided some criticism, while maintaining a comedic element regarding Brady’s greatness. “TB 12? Easy. You know sometimes he just throws like to perfect of a pass. He’s gotta let that receiver look good. You know what I mean,” said Gronk who also added added, “He’s just too handsome too”.

When asked to say something critical of his former coach, Gronk eventually flexed his left bicep muscle after saying, “He ruins hoodies. He’s not even jacked, and he cuts those hoodies off. You know if he looked like me or something, and got jacked then I’d understand he can show his arms off, but he doesn’t even work out.”

Video Credit: NESN

After the take, the feed cut to live television and Gronk made his entrance backed by a live audience, where he went out and shook hands with the other members of the broadcast team. In typical male-camaraderie fashion, they poked fun at Rob’s outfit because he failed to wear a necktie and sported a pair of jeans. Gronk said he forgot his tie and pants because it was his first time, before personality and former-NFL sack master Michael Strahan said, “Give the man a break on his first day”.

Gronk mentioned he felt honored and blessed to share the stage as a member of the broadcast team with the others.  When asked by Bradshaw about his potential return to football, Gronk said, “I’ll always keep it open”.

Before heading to a commercial break, Rob gave viewers one last laugh and  a small taste of what’s to come by saying, “to get a deal done here, was a lot easier than getting a deal done with the Patriots,” when asked about his salary with FOX. Despite needing some practice in front of the camera, it’s certain that Gronkowski will provide viewers and team-members with plenty of hilarious takes for the remainder of this season and into the future.

Video Credit: Legendary Highlights

Header Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports

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