Fan Letters: Baker Mayfield I Loathe You

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Yo Baker,

Is everything alright? So far this season, the Browns aren’t living up to the hype. Take a few moments here and ingest this slice of humble pie. Because you young fella are starting to show the early signs of being a bust. I know you can feel it, because the whispers are growing louder each and every week. Some people are even starting to throw around the idea that you are “Johnny Manziel 2.0”

For a guy with so much pride, it’s gotta sting a little bit. I guess that’s just what happens when you open your mouth regularly, disrespecting players and coaches within your own fraternity, known as the National Football League. There is a bullseye on your back, each and every week teams are giving you their best. After all the press you guys got in the offseason, every defender in the league circled their game against Cleveland on the schedule. As a result, you and the Browns have been getting schalacked, most recently on Monday by the San Francisco 49ers.

Nick Bosa says hi, by the way…

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People are tired of hearing you and OBJ talking trash. Keep playing like this, and it’s the only thing you two will be doing. You’ll both be out of the league, while trying to stay relevant working on a podcast. Quiet the noise youngblood, it’s time to learn a certain level of respect and class.

Why are you out here actin’ like the biggest swinging d***? At this point, you got over-hyped because of a week rookie schedule and really haven’t managed to do s***. Rex Ryan said it best on Get Up a few weeks ago, you’re “overrated as hell”. Maybe, all that moment came from you winning the Heisman? Your one crowning achievement. It’s nice that you regularly polish it. However, in a few weeks that dominant New England Patriots won’t even acknowledge it.

Do you guys really still want to sit here and talk playoffs? Not so fast, rumor has it that the Cleveland brass is already starting to talk layoffs. The hype-train derailed from the track a while ago, and I don’t see you or the team getting back on anytime soon. 

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What’s with stats? You’ve thrown only four touchdowns. Pair that with your eight interceptions, 68.5 passer rating, 55.9% completion percentage and sack rate of 9% (almost double of last year) and it’s clear that you’ve regressed. Don’t blame Freddie [Kitchens], and certainly don’t blame your line. Yes, I understand that when in the pocket you don’t have much time. That’s why you need to improvise, roll out and throw on the fly. Because right now you’ve looked like a bum for weeks. Keep dancing, and you’ll be staring in the broadway musical adaption of Happy Feet…

Watch some game film, or better yet borrow OBJ’s watch. If you don’t know what time it is, the face will show you it’s about a quarter past “quit showing’ your ass, and just shut up and play”. You got the skills fersure, but pipe down and stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. You look shook out there, and it’s really embarrassing. Do you want to be an infamous icon, or the “true” savior of Cleveland football? Please, by all means take another slice of humble pie while you take a moment to weigh your options.


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