Cards’ Manager Shildt Drops Epic “F-Bomb” Laced Victory Speech After St. Louis Win


Emotions were running high in the St. Louis Cardinals’ locker room after the team’s Game 5 win in the NLDS against the Atlanta Braves. While the team celebrated their victory, Cardinals manager Mike Shildt was clearly fired up and delivered an epic post game victory speech, laced with profanity. Meanwhile, St. Louis rookie outfielder Randy Arozarena streamed the rant live on Instagram with his cell phone. 

According to ESPN, Shildt’s fiery speech sounded like this:

“The [Braves] started some s—. We finished the s—. And that’s how we roll. No one f—s with us ever. Now, I don’t give a f— who we play. We’re gonna f— them up. We’re gonna take it right to them the whole f—ing way. We’re gonna kick their f—ing ass.”

St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Shildt

Arozarena has since deleted the video from his Instagram account, yet he expressed remorse for his mistake when finding out the video spread across social media. He said, “I want to apologize to my teammates, manager, the Cardinals organization and baseball fans for the video I posted tonight after our victory in Atlanta. It was a moment meant to be private. I made a rookie mistake by sharing it on my social media account.”

The Cardinals scored a record ten runs during the first inning of Wednesday’s game, and ended up beating Atlanta 13-1 to advance to the NLCS where they will play the Washington Nationals for the National League pennant. Game 1 starts tomorrow and will be played at Busch Stadium in St.Louis, Missouri.

Video Credit: Vision-Neer

In an age where social media and technology are readily-available at nothing more than a hand’s length away, it’s important for people and professional athletes to remember some things are best kept private. Undoubtedly, the youngster made a child-like move and embarrassed his coach, his team and organization, and most of all himself. Why at that point was he even allowed to be on his phone while in the locker room? Tell this kid to put down the phone, show some respect and be a professional.

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  1. No, not at all. It’s just an unwritten locker room rule that “what happens in the locker room, should stay there”. The kid made a mistake and made the manager look bad during one of the team’s shining moments. No harm no foul. The post is more focused on the content of the video, rather than the rookie.

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