Breaking News: Phillies Fire Gabe Kapler

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It’s been only two seasons and Philadelphia Phillies owner John Middleton has had enough. According to ESPN, Gabe Kapler was fired Thursday. After spending large sums of money in the offseason on free agents like the $300 million man Bryce Harper, the team had high expectations for Kapler. When hired, Kapler’s  goal was to return the Phillies to postseason form and bring the City of Brotherly Love another World Series championship. Instead, the team has missed the playoffs two seasons in a row and the manager is now unemployed.

With a non-traditional, analytical approach to managing, Kapler underperformed in his final season at the helm. The Phils’ were mediocre at best, after finishing with a record of 81-81. The team gambled that Kapler was the guy to return them to the playoffs for the first time since 2011, despite having minimal managerial experience.

Finishing his Phillies tenure with an overall record of 161-163, their doesn’t appear to be any other avenues for the Hollywood-born manager. His background in analytics may be better-suited off the field as a member of a front office. With the Phillies possessing a high payroll, the termination is not surprising. 

After hiring former manager Charlie Manuel as hitting coach, the Phillies and the streaky Harper started coming into form and barely missed a wild card spot. It almost leads you to think that maybe Philadelphia will return to a more traditional manager, possibly even Manuel himself…

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