AB Asks For Job On Instagram, Gets Trolled And “Bullied” On First Take

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Early Thursday morning on ESPN’s morning talk-show First Take, anchors Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, along with voice of reason Ros Gold-Onwude and guest journalist Domonique Foxworth addressed the recent development in the never-ending Antonio Brown “Saga”. The journalists repeatedly questioned the former-Patriots receiver motives, intentions and character, citing confusion regarding Brown’s recent comments regarding New England via social media platform Instagram Live.

During a Live Stream via Instagram, Brown asks followers to call his former team and relay a message:

“[If] you guys follow the Patriots, tell them to call me. They still gotta pay me, so might as well let me earn it.”

-Antonio Brown via Instagram Boomin @ab

Brown was released by the Patriots last month after reports surfaced regarding multiple sexual-misconduct and harassment allegations involving two different women in separate incidents. When signing the former All-Pro, New England guaranteed him $10 million and has elected not to pay the receiver. Since, Antonio has filed a grievance and is attempting to recoup the lost wages.

Kellerman seemed to turn up the heat on AB saying, “He comes off as desperate…desperate for attention, for relevance, for options in his career, for social currency. It comes across as desperate. First of all, implicit in his claim is that he’s going to win. I don’t know if that’s certainty that he’ll get his money. So, he’s putting the cart before the horse there.”

Video Credit: ESPN

Stephen A. Smith referenced the matter by saying “the word that comes to my mind is phony…or phoniness.”

Max further added that Brown’s behavior seemed forced regarding his exit with the Oakland Raiders, while suggesting the idea of Brown trying to “front” on social media. 

Ros suggested that Brown take the opportunity to show he is more than just a football player instead of looking “desperate”. Max then started making jokes in light of the receiver’s academic shortcomings by saying, “he ain’t gonna write. Have you read his twitter feed,” and “maybe paint”, referencing the scandal with the second woman, and Brown’s social media cries in an attempt to get help writing a college paper a few weeks back.

Video Credit: The Fumble

The entire segment focused on Brown’s misfortunes. At points, each of the analysts poked fun and laughed at Brown’s expense. This is an individual who is suffering from an identity crisis, and honestly the revelation should be treated as delicate. Despite bringing this all on himself, the take bordered “bullying” and honestly, was a little over the top. It’s one thing for Kellerman to question the man’s character and motives, but it’s another for the analyst to inadvertently question the man’s literacy and IQ…

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