Ex-NFL WR Brandon Marshall Disrespects Heavyweight Division: Plans To Pursue Pro Boxing Career

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The sports world has seen crazier things. But, the most recent eye-brow raising headlines are being drawn by former six-time NFL Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall. The receiver announced during a video via Instagram that he plans to hold his first professional boxing match in May 2020. The aspirations are already a stretch for the 35-year-old NFL retiree who has no history of any sanctioned boxing experience.

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Not only does he intend to step into the squared-circle, he also provided the Heavyweight Division of professional boxing with bulletin-board material by saying, “I’m about to do the unthinkable. Thirteen years, NFL. Thirty-five, phenomenal shape. Just went 24 rounds. I’m about to do the unthinkable. Heavyweight champion of the world. Lotta people that try fail.”

To make things worse, Marshall called out some of the sport’s biggest names. According to Fox News, he said, “I promise you. (Anthony) Joshua, (Deontay) Wilder, (Luis) Ortiz, (Tyson) Fury. All you boys, I can get it. I’m telling you. You’re not that tough, not that strong. Where I come from, and what I’ve been through in my life, I’m built for this. I promise you that. I’ll see you next May.”

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The statement by Marshall, who retired from the NFL in 2018, is extremely bold and honestly…VERY FOOLISH. It’s a joke for him to think he is capable of trading punches with men who have been bread in combat-oriented environments. Just a few weeks ago, he was on ESPN’s morning talk show First Take going hard at broadcast- heavyweight Stephen A. Smith like he was an equal in the sports debate world…

Brandon Marshall is absolutely delusional and will ABSOLUTELY get his face caved in when the bell rings. It’s easy to be tough behind a cell-phone camera. However, when entering the ring and being surrounded by ropes and lights things will be different. The ex-receiver needs to wake up from this dream because in the end, he will definitely be going “night-night”. The potential of watching him in the ring has all the makings of a snoozer, for both boxing fans and Marshall.

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