Ex-Partner Alleges LaVar Ball Embezzled Over $2.5 Million From Ball Family Companies

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Social media personality and Big Baller Brand owner LaVar Ball is no stranger to controversy. Since his oldest son, New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball starred at UCLA during his freshman season, the egotistical fame-monger has been the driving force behind BBB, an athletic apparel company created to capitalize off the trio of Ball brother’s impending fame as professional basketball players. Through bad business deals and the release of over-priced, low-quality gear it’s safe to assume the once-promising is turning out to be a flop, and now LaVar is finding himself at the center of the families most recent business-related controversy.

On Thursday, news broke that LaVar’s former business partner Alan Foster is counter-suing LaVar and Lonzo for fraudulent concealment and breach of contract. The disgruntled ex-partner, who himself is being sued by Lonzo for monetary-related issues, claims that LaVar has embezzled over $2.5 Million from the Ball family’s companies, including BBB and Ball Sports Group to fund an extravagant lifestyle The court documents were first obtained by The Blast

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According to ESPN, Foster states that his lawsuit “seeks to set the record straight, clear his name, expose LaVar’s scheme to cover up his theft of over $2.6 million of BBB and BSG’s money, and hold LaVar and Lonzo to their contractual obligations.”

Foster is no stranger to controversy himself, as the ex-partner was sentenced to seven years in prison back in 2002, after playing a role in a scheme that defrauded 70 investors for over $4 Million dollars.

The allegations are the latest in a recent saga of turmoil surrounding BBB and the Ball family. Back in March, Lonzo severed ties with Foster for not disclosing his criminal history, and for $1.5 Million in business-related funds being unaccounted for. Then, later on in April, Lonzo decided to file a lawsuit against Foster is the sum of over $2 Million. The point guard alleged that Foster conspired to embezzle millions, and divert the funds to his own personal interests.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened a case in the matter, and are currently investing the allegations by all parties involved.

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Honestly, this situation is very sad in the fact that the Ball family was fortunate to have three sons with potential futures as National Basketball Association players, which to this point have been largely overshadowed by their greed-driven father. It’s possible that Foster’s claims are just retaliation for the original lawsuit filed by Lonzo. Still, it seems that LaVar has always been focused on the business and financial benefits of his relationship with his three sons. There is some serious dysfunction within the family, and it’s entirely possible that he too may be in the financial mishandling of the Ball family companies’ funds.

Monetary greed and fame will drive people to do some of the most unthinkable things, and Lonzo will surely consider the possibility that he has been taken advantage of by both his father and Foster. Is Foster or LaVar guilty, or is it possible the partners both embezzled money from a naive, and trusting Lonzo? After all he did sever ties with the company completely. There may be more to this story than meets the eye. This story will continue to develop, and will surely be a public spectacle that continues tarnishing the Ball family name.

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