Vontaze “Dirty” Burfict Is Dangerous And Needs To Go

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Playing against the Oakland Raiders Sunday, Tight End Jack Doyle and the Indianapolis Colts  were defeated 31-24 in a contest played at Lucas Oil Stadium. The big news coming out of the week four matchup focused on Oakland linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who was ejected for delivering a “dirty” hit to Doyle during the second quarter. He is expected to be suspended by the National Football League today.

Doyle picked up a first down, with a five yard reception on the third down catch. He caught the ball with his knees down and attempted to get up and gain more yards when Burfict launched forward and collided with him. The linebacker was flagged for a personal foul after the play because the result was a helmet-to-helmet hit.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Matt Kawahara, Burfict ran off the field and into the tunnel while blowing kisses to the fans following the ejection.

Known for “dirty” hits and questionable play, Burfict has been suspended for a total of ten games throughout his career, with six being because of player safety rules violations. According to USA Today, his suspensions and fines have totalled more than $4 million in 13 separate incidents.

It’s become clear that Burfict shows no regard whatsoever for human safety, while competing on a football field. He continuously acts in malicious fashion by repeatedly engaging vulnerable opponents in a manner that is highly-dangerous, classless and selfish. His dirty play dates back to his college playing days at Arizona State.

Burfict could have have simply tagged Doyle, as he was already down. However, the linebacker CHOSE to leave his feet and lead with his helmet, which could have resulted in either serious injury or death to Doyle. This is not the first offense for the Raiders’ defensive captain. In my opinion, the NFL should make a statement that the pattern of repeated “dirty” play is inexcusable, and ban him for life.

In life, there are consequences for our actions. The NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell cannot continue to operate in a manner of lawlessness by allowing players like Burfict to continue injuring and subjecting their peers to danger. It’s clear that it’s only a matter of time before the linebacker will either paralyze or kill another player, which can absolutely be prevented by dismissing him from the league entirely. 

Yes, the game of Football is a dangerous sport. We the fans appreciate the physical nature of the competition, but we need to remember is that these are grown men and the majority of them have families. Last time I checked, each of us doesn’t expect to go to work and come home unable to walk or breathe. Can someone please explain this to Vontaze Burfict?

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