Fan Letters: Dear Jim Harbaugh

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To the coach who was suppose to save us,

For as long as I can remember, growing up a Michigan fan and bleeding “maize and blue” has been something I treasure and hold close. For me, Saturday afternoons spent watching football during the fall with my grandfather (medical school alumni) and step-father (lifelong season-ticket holder) are something that will forever resonate in my mind, as I treasure those times that are now long gone.

When we hired you, there was no doubt about the fact our program had fallen from grace. We were consistently bad for years, dating back to the day we forced out the old man (Lloyd Carr). The “little brother” over in East Lansing was kicking our ass regularly, and “that” team from down south in Columbus was becoming a national powerhouse with that Urban (Meyer) guy. They even managed to win a National Championship a few years ago. I’m not certain whether or not you’ve noticed.

It’s obvious you’ve been busy on the field, and at the moment I’m sure you have your hands full so I’m going to fill you in on what i’ve noticed. It’s glaringly obvious that fans like myself, and the boosters are not where we envisioned being when the University of Michigan signed you four-and-a-half years ago for a salary averaging $7.5 million per year. 

It’s possible to go on for days, reminding you of what you already know. We can’t beat our rivals. We can’t win tough road games. We can’t make it to Indy to play in the BIG TEN Championship, and it’s almost a surety that with you at the helm we will never make an appearance in the College Football Playoff to compete for a National Championship. The team looks “soft” and emotionless, just like you sir.

Your fire is gone, and you sir look dead on the sidelines during games. Where is your passion? As a boy, your father coached under “The Legend” (Bo Schembechler). Every season, he made sure we left our best effort out on the field in the Big House, whether we would win or lose. He taught us “those who stay will be champions”. He was right, because the man delivered 13 conference titles and took us to Pasenda, California a total of ten times to compete in the Rose Bowl. 

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You were supposed to do the same, because you were the “chosen son” that would bring us back from mediocrity and restore the once-proud tradition of the winningest program in college football history. Now, we are barely afloat with 955 total, and it’s only a matter of time before “Ohio” catches up. We will become a laughingstock, even more than we already are, because if things don’t change we will get passed up. 

Don’t you care anymore? Why can’t you just whisper to Shea and teach him? After all, you’re supposed to be the “Quarterback Whisperer” right? Why aren’t the recruits whom you’ve had sleepovers with developing? Why is Don Brown’s defense get worked? And what the heck is going on with our offense? Please, tell us why….

The idea that you are the Michigan Football savior has ceased to exist, and the harsh reality of the situation WE currently find ourselves in is unbearable. Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson is embarrassed. My sister’s ex-boyfriend spent Saturday night after the Wisconsin-beating laying on the basement floor, curled up in a blanket eating junk food and snacks while pouting. It was almost as if he was grieving a death, while watching Georgia play Notre Dame. Ushering faint comments like, “I wish we had a quarterback who could throw the ball,” and, “We were supposed to go all the way this year”.

It’s disheartening and frightening to think where our Wolverines are headed. It’s only a matter of time before the silent majority begins speaking up. I’ll make the motion and say it if I have to. We deserve better. That’s right we deserve better. Not just on the field, but from you as well. We deserve to compete at the highest level, because after all you are paid at the highest level. At this point, WE the fans have already been through enough and can’t continue to live in denial. Our Wolverines are consistently mediocre, and you sir deserve to be terminated and left on the tarmac like Lane (Kiffin) next time we get flat out embarrassed. In the end, we absolutely want to win it all. But for now, try to at least have some dignity and be competitive.


The broken hearted fan that has to let you know how everyone feels


P.S…..maybe Les will be more…

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