Mayfield vs. Rex Part II: “Ryan Doesn’t Have Any Colors Right Now For A Reason”

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It only took two days for outspoken Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield to return fire against current ESPN Analyst and former NFL head coach Rex Ryan. Earlier this week on Monday, Ryan said Mayfield was “overrated as hell” while discussing the Browns’ struggles during the early morning sports-talk show Get Up

Earlier today, Mayfield was asked about the criticism during a media session. According to ESPN, he responded by saying, “It’s whatever. In the wise words of (Cleveland coach) Freddie Kitchens, if you don’t wear orange and brown, you don’t matter, and Rex Ryan doesn’t have any colors right now for a reason. So, it’s OK.”

Video Credit: Cleveland Browns

The response is not out of character for Mayfield, as he has been very blunt, bold and confrontational regarding media criticism in the past. 

The Browns are catching a lot of heat this week for starting their season 1-2, as they were preseason favorites to challenge for the playoffs. Both Kitchens and Mayfield have looked very inexperienced to this point. Some people are suggesting that the quarterback’s regression is directly related to the rookie coach’s (Kitchens) short-comings in his new job. Over the course of the entire week, it has seemed as though Freddie is being set-up to assume a role as the franchise’s “fall guy” if the Brown’s aren’t able to recover and live up to expectations.

Video Credit: ESPN

The entire team needs to improve, starting with the coach and quarterback and all the way to the offensive line that has been horrendous. Cleveland brass has never been shy about making quick changes and are determined to win. It just seems that for now, Kitchens may have been the wrong decision to move the team forward to their next level of success. The entire Browns organization needs to step up.

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