Maple Leafs Matthews Charged: Former No. 1 Pick Gets Drunk, Pulls Down Pants

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Ice Hockey is a way of life in Canada. For members of the Toronto Maple Leafs, expectations and pressure to perform can be insurmountable as the team is one of the most storied in National Hockey League history. Furthermore, the city of Toronto is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame, so living and playing in the metropolitan area during the season can become stressful. Especially when playing for a head coach like Mike Babcock, who is rumored to be a difficult person to work with. With all these factors involved, it’s not unexpected that Maple Leafs center Austin Matthews may sometimes want to go out, have a few drinks and blow off some steam.

According to ESPN via court records and police reports, the young star blew off too much steam while visiting his hometown in Scottsdale, Arizona back in May. The 22-year-old center was charged with “disruptive behavior or fighting”, a disorderly conduct charge. On May 26, at about 2:00 AM, Matthews attempted to climb into the car of a female security guard of the condo complex where he lives. The center stated he was intoxicated after allegedly trying to open the car’s door handle. 

When the security guard exited the car, Matthews apparently began walking away and then started pulling his pants down. The center then proceeded to bend over and grab his butt-cheeks while his underwear remained at his waist. The incident was reported to police and the information is derived from the woman’s statement in the matter. Matthews received a court summons on July 23 to appear for the matter, and will appear for a pretrial meeting this morning.

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Matthews, 22, signed a 5 year/$58.17 million contract extension in February. The American born player was the first overall pick for the Leafs during the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. For his career, the center has 205 points in 212 games played. He has scored 111 goals to go along with 94 assists.

Hockey season is right around the corner, and it’s certain that Matthews will return to a life dictated by practices and games, to go along with Babcock’s “ass-chewing” for the next six months. Despite the fact the incident is very immature and irresponsible, Matthew’s drunk attempt at an Ace Ventura impersonation is actually amusing. The EPIC FAIL didn’t harm anyone and there was no public indecency involved. Apparently, the security guard takes her job very seriously and intends to be “top-flight security of the world”. Yes, she is of the female gender and I can empathize with the fact she may have been uncomfortable with the situation, or perhaps concerned for Matthews’ safety. But, simply asking the guy which condo is his and helping him ONLY to the front door may have sufficed…

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