Agent Boras Rips MLB Over Client Kris Bryant’s Injury

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Scott Boras is the most powerful agent in the baseball business. For years, he has been negotiating many of the largest player-contracts in the history of Major League Baseball. With a name as recognizable as his, comes both influence and strength as a voice to be heard on various issues involving the sport. The “super” agent did exactly that on Monday, when he ripped the MLB and cast blame on the league for the wet-bases related injury to his client, Chicago Cubs slugger Kris Bryant, while bringing to light the topic of on-field conditions and player safety.

On Sunday, Bryant sprained his right ankle after landing awkwardly on a wet-base, while trying to beat out a double play during the Cubs’ game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. An MRI revealed the injury was a “Grade 2” sprain, and it’s highly unlikely that Bryant will be available for the Cubs’ final games as his team makes a push for the final NL Wild Card spot. 

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According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Boras questioned, “What have they done since Harper? The answer is nothing,” Boras told the Sun-Times. “They’re focused on other factors, economic factors, all things relating to how they can administer the game, and yet the safety of players and resolution of this issue has gone without any attention”.

The agent was referencing another injury to a different client, Bryce Harper, who hyper-extended his knee in August 2017 while playing for the Washington Nationals after slipping on another wet-base during gameplay. Boras further added in his comments to the Chicago Sun-Times, “The integrity of our game is going to be damaged when the safety of players is not at the forefront, and Major League Baseball has dropped the ball on the wet bag subject. 

“The issue for me is they’ve done nothing. They have completely skirted this issue. They had an MVP player having an MVP season dramatically get hurt and miss time. It affects playoff races and the entire safety of players and the integrity of the game. When they are very diligent to get umpires and teams to play during rain, during precipitation, trying to get the games played. There’s been no discussion, no resolution, absolutely nothing done in this area, except the player is to bear the burden of slippery and wet bags,” says Boras to the Sun-Times.

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This is the second occurrence of a player-safety related injury in the past two years. The timing isn’t the best for the MLB, as they are currently already under fire for fan-related death and injuries occurring because of a lack of safety netting down the lines in a majority of Major League ballparks. The game is evolving in many ways, and commissioner Rob Manfred seems focused on the regulating changes for the improvement of a better game for fans. However, it is vital that he also focuses on changes that will make things for the players. Major League Baseball already dropped the ball once. Hopefully, they won’t balk at a second chance to make things right and improve on-field playing conditions.

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