Breaking News: Pats Cut Antonio Brown Amid Off-Field Allegations

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The New England Patriots were fortunate to be graced by the talents of wide-receiver Antonio Brown. Last Sunday in his first game with the team, it was apparent the controversial player was making an impact on the field as he caught a few passes with one going for a touchdown. The idea of him joining Tom Brady and Bill Belichick was like a “match made in heaven”. The sad truth is, that would be the only game Brown would play for New England this season.

This afternoon, the team made the decision to cut Brown only two weeks after signing him amid numerous sexual assault allegations against the receiver recently. The claims came to fruition AFTER the Patriots signed him, and it’s obvious that the distraction and media-circus surrounding the player were becoming an inconvenience to the entire organization.

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AB’s former personal trainer, Britney Taylor, filed a civil lawsuit against Brown alleging sexual assault by the All-Pro on three separate occasions in 2017 and 2018. The lawsuit was filed on September 10th, one day after Brown signed with the Patriots. The team stated they were unaware of the allegations because Brown failed to disclose any information regarding the matter prior to signing with the team. ESPN reports via a source, that Brown declined to sign a $2 million settlement agreement in the matter with Taylor.

Earlier this week, the drama continued as news broke of allegations by a second woman in a separate incident. The woman, an artist hired by Brown to come to his home and paint a portrait of the receiver, alleges sexual misconduct against him for walking up behind her, as she was on two knees while painting, with only a hand-towel covering the WR’s genitals.

Brown denies the claim. However, the story further developed late Thursday evening when it was reported the artist’s lawyer reached out to the National Football League after Brown allegedly sent threatening messages to her in a group text. According to a statement from her attorney, the Patriots directed Brown to have no further contact with the woman prior to the messages being sent.

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Watching the demise of the NFL’s best receiver of the last five seasons is very sad. It’s sad for the woman involved in the allegations if they are in fact true. It’s also sad for the Patriots and the Raiders organizations who have had to deal with the drama-saga over the course of the past few months. Most of all, it’s sad for Brown. What was once a storied career is now being replaced with a tarnished legacy.

The receiver’s ego has transcended him to a level of idiocracy, where he exists in a reality that normal rules no longer apply to him. The problem is that it’s a false reality, and Belichick has made that clear by slamming down his iron fist implying that nobody is bigger than the team, not even Antonio Brown.

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