OBJ Rocks $2.2 Million Watch Ahead of MNF Victory Over Jets

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During warm ups on Monday night, the Cleveland Browns headline-grabbing star Odell Beckham Jr. returned to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey wearing yet again another wrist-watch prior to his team’s 23-3 victory over the New York Jets. Last week, the wide-receiver wore a watch worth almost $200,000 during a game and drew attention from the NFL, who asked him not to wear it during games.

So what does he do this week? OBJ takes a more luxurious approach and wore a clear, Richard Mille watch estimated to be valued at $2.2 Million during pre-game! It’s becoming quite clear (no pun intended) that OBJ is focused on keeping his name in the headlines despite his team’s early season struggles.

The value of the watch was reported earlier today by CBS Sports.

Browns’ QB Baker Mayfield has appeared unsettling throughout his team’s first two games. The only bright spot of the season so far was a one-handed touchdown grab by OBJ during the third quarter, which went for 89 yards. The reception was a career-long for Odell. For the game, the All-Pro WR caught 6 passes for 161 yards to go along with the TD. 

Perhaps, OBJ intends to enter the world of fashion or possibly garner endorsements in the fine-jewelry market. Nobody knows what the “Diva” receiver will have up or on his sleeve next, but one thing he can do is use the watch to set a time to meet with Mayfield so they can work on more routes because thus far, the Browns look mediocre at best. Sooner than later, the front office in Cleveland will expect more from the duo and will squash the on-field antics if the team fails to gain momentum. That is when we will find out whether or not OBJ’s contract, and time with the team is worth the hassle. Because honesty, that hassle definitely isn’t worth the price tag on his wrist-piece.

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