“Ties Are Like Kissing Your Sister”: Lions Blow Lead Late Against Cardinals

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Sure, it can be exciting to finally get some action because normally, you don’t get any. Being in the game, your blood starts pumping and you begin feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Nervousness disappears and you begin feeling excited. This is finally it! Then, things take a turn for the worse. Your mind tells you this moment is nothing more than a sham. It turns out the reality of your situation is gross, vial and disgusting. This is because you’ve realized that your kissing your sister. It doesn’t even count. #BARF

This is what reality felt like for the Detroit Lions, while the game-clock at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona expired during their week one matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. Ahead by 18 points early in the fourth quarter, the Lions blew the lead late and found themselves in overtime, ultimately finishing with a disappointing 27-27 tie.

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Arizona’s Kyler Murray made his National Football League debut, and showed the expected inconsistency of a rookie quarterback. Through three quarters, the 2019 NFL Draft’s first overall pick was 9-25 passing for 70 yards, to go along with one interception. Things took a dramatic turn during the fourth quarter. Out of nowhere, Murray became a dazzling buzzsaw and went 20/29 the rest of the way, adding 238 passing yards and two touchdowns to his statline by the end of overtime. For the game, Kyler finished 29/54, with 308 Yds and 2 TD’s.

His quarterback counterpart, Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford was more consistent going 27/45 for 385 Yds, and added 3 touchdowns. Stafford’s efforts were valiant despite his frustrations. However, he alone was not enough to lead Detroit to victory. Rookie tight-end T.J. Hockenson provided faint signs of hope for the future, debuting with 6 catches, 131 yards receiving and 1 touchdown. 

Here’s the thing …this fourth quarter collapse is not out of character for the Lions. Actually, it’s typical. The blocked punt by the Cardinals in the final minutes is clear-cut evidence the team was frantic with the idea of actually winning a football game.

Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press

The organization as a whole has been consistent for years. What I mean by that is, they consistently let down the fans each and every season as an organization, while consistently under-performing on the field. Catch my drift? It’s a problem that starts with the top, and as long as Martha Ford owns this team, they will continue to be the “laughing-stock” of the league.

Detroit came out strong and by halftime, they were the proud owners of a 17-3 lead. The few fans in the stands were overcome with feelings of great joy. They exchanged high-fives and hugs, while bearing bright-smiles the size of Mount Rushmore on their hopeful faces. Perhaps, those thoughts that this may actually be the season their team finally gets over the hump, were returning? Playoffs? Superbowl? After suffering a lifetime of servitude, that is ultimately what the fans deserve. However, those “Bastards in Honolulu Blue” dished out another plate of their gut-wrenching, infamous collapse that Detroiters have grown accustomed to. 

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Much to my dismay, it is embarrassing to honestly admit that I am a Detroit Lions fan.

How many times are the Lions going to tease us? And how many times, are we the fans going to deliberately ignore the warning signs, drink the blue kool-aid at the start of every season, and buy into this idea of a magical, happiness-filled fantasy world where touchdowns and victories are fruitful? Being completely honest, the Detroit Lions’ play after the second half was both disgusting and vomit-inducing. 

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Holding onto fourth quarter leads and wins are scarcities for the dreadful Detroit “Kittens”, and the ideas of Superbowl Championships are just that …ideas. They are wishful-thinking hopes that simply DO NOT exist in the real-world of Detroit football lore. The Lions are traditionally terrible, and it would be “sacrilegious” to even acknowledge any idea or pass on the notion that they won’t crush our dreams this season or any season thereafter. 

When the dust settles and the playoffs begin in late January, Detroit fans will once again sit at home on the couch. Together, they will be eating chili dogs and drinking mediocre craft-beer while rooting on former University of Michigan quarterback legend Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Simply because they are a perfect example of what Lions head coach Matt Patricia’s team will never be. They will ALWAYS be nothing other than the “Same Ole’ Lions”.

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