Bdubs’ Football Prenup: It’s Football Season, No Need To Argue Just Try And Understand

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To Whom It May Concern:

Every fall, the leaves begin to change color and the temperatures start to cool. The hot, sweltering days of summer are put behind us, only to be seen in the rear-view mirror. Weekend activities spent outside in bathing suits and tank-tops are exchanged for long, lazy days on the couch wearing jeans, sweatpants or hoodies. This is because once again, it’s that time of year. Make no mistake about it, this is football season! To the most-dedicated fans, the rest of the world might-as-well cease to exist.

Relationships are a two-way street. Each fall, those commitments are put to the test. Some significant others are die-hard football fans and spend entire Saturdays and Sundays glued to the television, because of the fear of missing out on something great. Others, are not football fans. Their ideas of weekends are ones spent together, running errands and completing “honey to-do” lists, or possibly partaking in other activities not deemed “sports-fandom”. The differences often climax with heated-debate, either a few weeks or few months into the season with both partners upset, feeling alone or separated. The consequences can often become detrimental.

Recently, Buffalo Wild Wings has come up with the idea of the “Football Prenup” with intentions of saving these relationships and attempting to dismiss these arguments all together. They’ve created an entire website,, dedicated to a virtual experience mediating these “issues” before they arise. The concept is both clever and fun, allowing couples to “bond” over the idea of football season realities instead of distancing from each other. 

To the non-fan, please try and understand that “football season” is our reality T.V. or soap opera. It’s our seat-gripping living on-the-edge adrenaline-pumped experience filled with drama, suspense and sheer entertainment. Monday through Wednesday, we obsess and banter back-and-forth over the past weekend’s games and Thursday sees the start of the build-up towards the coming weekend’s next slate of games. Normally, some of us go out on dinner dates with that special someone on the weekends. That’s still no problem, just make sure it’s late in the evening, somewhere that has a bunch of T.V.’s so we are at least able to check out that normally “awful” late-night Pac 12 game. 

All year, we are dedicated to the relationship or the family. We work on projects around the house and continue the rat-race for nearly three of the four seasons during the year. We don’t ask for much, except that when the season arrives we are able to kick back and relax. Yes, we would love to order some pizza, while deep-frying some chicken wings and grab massive handfuls of nachos and chips while sucking-down large volumes of soda, gatorade and our other favorite alcoholic beverages. Maybe later, we will head to our buddies’ house for the “Game-of-the-Night” themed grilling session where some guy who is stuck in the “glory days” of college yesteryear decides to bring a keg over with him. Care to join? Because honestly it doesn’t get any better, and can prove to be a great time! Some of life’s best moments and accidental pregnancies can be tied to timeless sports-history moments that live on long after those days have passed.

So please just try and understand that every fall, while we attempt to get unstuck from this rut we call “life”, that together we can sit down and come to an understanding before the season starts, where we can both agree to set aside time for each other and still enjoy our favorite past-times. Just know that at a bare minimum, at least one day being either Saturday or Sunday is OFF-LIMITS and that we still really “love” you more than anything in the world. Hopefully, we can be on the same page this fall and you can take joy in our passion, or at the very least stand by our side while we embarrass you by screaming or cheering, or perhaps even yelling at the nearest screen during that highly-inconvenient family get-together, or while you drag us to that “time-consuming” public place. So without further ado, I’m going to bust out my old jersey from the turn-of-the-century that is now two-sizes too small so I can get my belly tan ready for the playoffs. 


Your die-hard fan in desperate need of therapy during those off-season withdrawals

P.S.  Sorry in Advance, We Love You Bunches 😉

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